The Best Home Begins with the Strongest Foundation


The key to finding your perfect home is to spend some quality time thinking about what you and your family need and desire to compliment your anticipated lifestyle.  This process forms the foundation of your entire search and like the foundation of a well-constructed home, its importance should not be minimized. 


As we learned in elementary school, it is never too early to begin our homework.  As your personal realtor, I will be working closely with you throughout this process to help guide and provide you with the information required to help you select the best home for your family.  There are a number of factors that you may wish to evaluate as part of the foundation for your plan.  In addition to price range and style preferences, such factors as location, desirable features and amenities within the home and the proximity to schools, shopping and transportation are also critical considerations to assure that the properties you are interested in visiting are realistic options for you.  By understanding the importance of each of these factors, you will be better able to prioritize your personal "wish list" and therefore better define the right home for your needs.  Having completed your homework and having prepared a solid foundation, you can be assured of visiting quality homes in communities that most closely approximate your family's preferences. 


With this as our foundation, it is also a very appropriate time for you to begin speaking with the lending institution of your choice to obtain mortgage pre-approval.  A qualified mortgage professional will work closely with you to help determine an approved lending limit based on a review of your combined household income and monthly expenses.  Upon completion of this review, the mortgage lender will provide you with a pre-approval letter which indicates the maximum mortgage loan for which you are qualified.  That limit, plus your downpayment and other available funds will help determine the maximum amount of your purchase.  The lending professional will provide you with expert financial advice and also will discuss available financing options with you.  In today's market, all formal offers to purchase a home are accompanied by a pre-approval letter.  This pre-approval signifys to the seller that you are a qualified buyer.  With this pre-approval in hand, you are ready and able to enter a bid on any home you have selected.  


Please take some time to familiarize yourself with my website (  There you will be able to search available homes in Westchester and Putnam Counties by price, town. school district, etc.  I have also included numerous links to valuable information about each of the towns, villages and hamlets that comprise Westchester and Putnam counties, such as information regarding public and private schools, Metro North railroad schedules, shopping, restaurants, and a host of other interests that will help you become better informed about each area.  You may also sign up for My Houlihan Lawrence, an email notification program that will automatically forward properties to you that most closely match your indicated preferences.


Finally, as your personal realtor, it is my primary goal to keep all channels of communication open.  As your neighborhood expert, I will make the entire local inventory available to you and work diligently, comprehensively and efficiently to present you with as many properties as you desire to see so that you can make the best selection for you and your family.   Thus, my role is  principally to serve as your real estate relationship manager.  In that capacity I will provide advice and guidence throughout the home buying process.    You will have me at your side throughout the entire process.


Because I recognize that your search for just the right home is all about what will make your family happy, I follow one simple principle: "I will work dilligently to help you find not just a house, but your next home."